Sivaangi Romance with Harshvardhan Video Viral in Youtube | Shivangi’s romance video with popular music composer son goes viral

Shivangi, who is mixing small screen and silver screen with Cook with Komali and Super Singer, now a video of her romance with the son of a famous music composer has been released. He also posted the video on his YouTube page. Shivangi, who often sings album songs and releases them on YouTube, has also romanced Vidyasagar’s son Harshvardhan, who is now a popular musician.

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The video is now a hit on social media. Shivangi often sings album songs and releases them in videos with Siddhakar’s 23-year-old son Harshvardhan. These videos are getting millions of views. Shivangi’s video, which has now romanced Harshvardhan, is also garnering significant views. Shivangi has also danced in the video.

She made her debut in Super Singer and won hearts even if she didn’t win the title in that competition. Subsequently, Shivangi made his debut as a clown in the show Cook with Komali. In this, his witty and lovable character greatly attracted the audience and made him the darling of the small screen of Tamil Nadu. Having stepped on the silver screen with the film Don, he has been getting opportunities to act in successive films. In it, he has been acting only by choosing the characters that suit him.

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