Sivasankar Master in the background of ‘History’ Ajith character: KS Ravikumar Sharing | Sivasankar name reason for Ajith character in Varalaaru: KS Ravikumar

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Director KS recalls working with Sivashankar Master in ‘History’. Ravikumar shared

Sivasankar has worked as a choreographer in films including ‘Thiruda Thirudi’, ‘Magadheera’ and ‘Bhagupali’. He won the National Award for choreography of a song in the film ‘Magadheera’. Apart from this, he has acted in major roles in films including ‘Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya’, ‘Thillukku Tuttu’ and ‘Thana Cherntha Koottam’.

He was infected with the corona virus a few days ago. Doctors said that up to 75 percent of his lungs were affected. He was being treated in Hyderabad. However, Sivashankar died of a heart attack the previous evening.

His body was later cremated at the E-Cemetery near Film City, Hyderabad yesterday (Nov. 29). Many South Indian cinema celebrities mourned the death of Sivasankar.

Director KS Ravikumar shared his memories of working with Sivashankar Master in ‘History’.

What he said about this:

” I knew Sivashankar Master long before I was working on ‘History’. When we started filming, Ajith was hesitant whether his character would be misunderstood. I Sivashankar Master I told Ajith about it and encouraged him.

‘In real life Sivashankar Master has two sons just like your character in the film. But, her body language is only slightly feminine. This is because he has adopted his art form into his body. She will be a womanizer in everything from greetings, swearing, to whining. No one sees it from the wrong perspective, ”I told Ajith.

Love for the Master led to the naming of Ajith as ‘Sivasankar’ in the film. The master will always embrace jaggery. Every time he comes to my office, the whole place smells good. ”

Thus said KS Ravikumar.


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