Six licenses withdrawn and over 600 people checked by the police of Aosta during the weekend of August 15th

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Controls on compliance with the rules against Covid-19 and road safety have been intensified

On the occasion of the weekend of August 15th, the carabinieri of the Aosta Group intensified checks on the territory of the Aosta Valley, focusing on road safety, given the considerable tourist traffic, and on compliance with the measures against Covid-19.

The more than 130 soldiers involved controlled more than 600 people, about 500 vehicles and 40 shops and public establishments. The result is six withdrawn driving licenses, ten traffic violations, six people reported for driving under the influence of alcohol (half of whom reside outside the Aosta Valley).

To these numbers is added a person reported to the prefecture as a drug user for the 15 grams of hashish found in his possession.

Clara Rossi

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