Six mutilated bodies in a car, the “narcoseries” in the sights of the Mexican president

Six mutilated bodies were found in a car in Mexico on Thursday, the same day the president attacked the “narcoseries” on Netflix which he said spread a very “rosy” image of the cartels.

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The human remains were found in the state of Guerrero (south), known for its tourist capital Acapulco and for narcoviolence.

The heads were found on the roof of the car, according to local media. The local prosecutor’s office announced an investigation.

Mutilated bodies are often messages sent by rival cartels.

Last January, ten bodies were found in an abandoned vehicle at night in front of the government palace in Zacatecas (north), which the two most powerful cartels in the country are fighting over.

About fifteen bodies in total were found hanged in public last November in the same state.

On June 6, two heads were abandoned in front of a polling station on the day of the legislative elections in Tijuana (north-west).

Unrelated to the macabre discovery, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador lashed out at the drug-trafficking series during his daily press conference, citing the Netflix platform.

These series depict “gangs of drug traffickers, with actors, men, women, very beautiful (…) state-of-the-art cars, jewelry, designer clothes, power”.

These productions give pride of place to delinquents who submit to power, lamented the head of state.

They ignore “the destruction of young people especially. And we are talking about thousands of deaths in the United States,” he continued, referring to overdose victims.

AMLO – his initials and his nickname – commented on the presentation of a report on drug consumption and trafficking.

Netflix offers around twenty films on the world of drug traffickers in Colombia and Mexico, some of which are very popular (“The Queen of the South” or “El senor de los cielos”).

The authorities have been attacking “narcoculture” for several years, which is also expressed with “narcocorridos” (songs to the glory of traffickers, now banned in the state of Sinaloa, stronghold of many drug barons).

A total of 340,000 people have been murdered in Mexico since 2006, when authorities launched a military anti-drug operation.

According to the president, 75% of these homicides are linked to the drug trade (settlement of scores between cartels…).


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