Skulls on the statues of Naples, the artist Tombolini: “It was me: I denounce the death of the planet”

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twelve o’clock, October 20, 2021 – 11:25 am

The claim of the environmental blitz linked to the Extinction Rebellion movement, which installed papier-mâché masks on the monuments of dozens of Italian cities: today in Naples the removal of the skulls

from Chiara Marasca

The skull as “death of the planet”. The plants on the skull as a “symbol of one of the possible ways of redemption”. The black cross on the mouth to denounce the “censorship of which we are victims”. The installation work carried out simultaneously in Naples and in many other Italian cities, such as Venice, Milan, Bologna, Rome, Florence, Turin, Palermo, Padua and Verona, bears the signature of the artist Michele Tombolini, woke up yesterday morning with papier-mâché masks in cover the faces of dozens of statues in their historic centers. “This artistic intervention”, Tombolini declared, claiming the authorship of the action “The voice OFF the Planet”, “stems from the desire to help raise awareness and involve humanity more on environmental issues that are increasingly putting a strain on the life on the planet. I am aware », he added,« that when working on public works this must be done with the utmost respect for them, without causing any damage ».

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Naples, papier-mâché skulls on the statues: the blitz in the night
The international environmental movement

Michele Tombolini

The artist joins the Extinction Rebellion movement, which in the last three years has spread around the world in reaction to the environmental crisis. “Surprising to understand”, says Tombolini, “is a concept on which many of my street interventions are based and, since I wanted to give life to an artistic project that is unique in the world for the potential to spread the message it brings with it, I chose to collaborate with the international movement Extinction Rebellion for their nonviolent and creative environmental identity, and to give the temporary installation the character of synchronicity, thanks to the presence of the movement in over 80 countries globally and in more than 35 cities in Italy. A strategy ”, he adds,“ which calls for nonviolent civil disobedience to induce governments to act to avoid the worst consequences that science has been warning us about for decades ”.


Meanwhile this morning the carabinieri of the Compagnia Centro and staff of the Municipality of Naples and the Superintendency are proceeding to remove the papier-mâché masks. The first to be dismantled was the one located in Piazza del Plebiscito.

20 October 2021 | 11:25

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