Sleep problems? Medical acupuncture can help

Sleep problems?  Medical acupuncture can help

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For several weeks now, a 42-year-old primary school teacher has been visiting me for treatments against insomnia, tension, worry, lethargy and gloom. Life had become increasingly difficult for her.

Her husband passed away 2 years ago after a long illness. She didn’t really get round to her own grief because her three teenage sons demanded a lot of attention. The boys had a hard time with the death of their father. At school things went downhill for them. They got the wrong friends and went out too much. They listened to her less and less.

The lady ended up in a vicious circle: because her children behaved awkwardly, she started worrying and sleeping badly. As a result, she became more irritable during the day and found it increasingly difficult to respond appropriately to their adolescent behavior. Which made her boys even more ‘throw their ass against the crib’. Which made the lady even more worried, and so on…

At the suggestion of a friend, she turned to me. This friend had experienced for herself that medical acupuncture has a calming effect and improves sleep and mood. In the Netherlands, more than 15% of people occasionally suffer from sleeping problems. These are all too often caused by tensions and worrying. But sleeping problems can also be caused by fatigue, pain, alcohol consumption, staying active too long in the evening or a restless sleeping environment.

And my patient? During the 1st treatment she fell asleep on the heated treatment bed. She hadn’t slept so well and so deeply in ages. The following nights she slept longer for the first time. So it’s been getting better and better lately.
Currently, the lady sleeps well again and through the night. Of course the mourning for her husband is still there, but she still manages to enjoy the little things in life once in a while. The relationship with her boys has improved recently, because she can respond better to their adolescent behavior. Perhaps she was most happy about that.

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