SLOW CHARGING PHONE | The simple detail why your mobile charges slower: this is what you do not remove

Phones have become essential for everyone. Before, we only used them to make phone calls and send the occasional text message, but now they have become essential for a wide variety of daily actions. We use them as an alarm clock, as a music player and, of course, to surf the Internet. There is almost nothing that these devices cannot do.

However, this means that we have to take extra care with our phone. These are expensive products and we certainly do not want to ruin them in any way. So let’s be careful with its use.

Today we are going to give you some advice that can help extend the life of your smartphone by pointing out a simple trick that can be very useful. There’s bad news for those who charge their phones a certain way, but there’s an easy way around it.

Extend the life of your smartphone

Smartphones tend to run out of power quite quickly, especially if they are older models. After so many charge cycles, the battery starts to hold a little less charge, leading to rapid discharge.

For this reason, we often find ourselves continually plugging in our phones. Many of us also plug it in and leave it plugged in overnight. In theory this should not have any side effects, but there is a particular situation where a problem could occur.

A possible problem occurs if we charge the phone without removing the cover. It may sound strange, but the case could damage the phone while charging.

The reason is that the temperature of the phone increases slightly during charging. This excess temperature is usually dissipated into the surrounding environment without problems, except when the lid is on. In this case, the cover retains the heat and does not allow it to dissipate perfectly. This may cause damage to the device.

In theory, most modern phones shouldn’t have this problem, but if you have an older phone it may suffer if you charge it with the case on. So let’s take this simple measure and try to eliminate it, at least when we charge the phone at night and keep it plugged in for many hours.


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