Smartphone use: At what age should children be given smartphones?

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With smartphones becoming universal among children, would they be missing out or gaining surprising benefits in life without them?

Whether or not to give smartphones in the hands of children is the modern dilemma of today.

As a parent, you’d be forgiven if you saw the smartphone as an object capable of unleashing all sorts of evil in your child’s healthy life. Dazzling headlines about the potential harms of children’s phone and social media use may give you that impression. Celebrities are not immune to this modern parenting problem. American singer Madonna has said that she regrets giving her daughter a mobile phone at the age of 13 and will never do it again.

You probably have a smartphone that you consider an essential tool for everyday life, including emails, online shopping, video calls, etc. When all of your child’s classmates and friends have mobile phones in their hands, aren’t your children missing out if they don’t have one?


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