Smog from wildfires in the Sverdlovsk region reached Tyumen

This morning, October 18, Tyumen was covered with smog. According to the regional headquarters, referring to the department of civil protection and fire safety of the Tyumen region, the smoke was caused by natural fires in the Sverdlovsk region.

In the south of Yekaterinburg – in the Solnechny microdistrict – a peat bog has been burning since October 10. In the city, the excess of harmful substances in the air is recorded for a week. On October 15, a local emergency was introduced in the microdistrict. Now the area of ​​the smoldering peat bog is 4.5 hectares. During the week, the number of active fires has halved – to 12. The extinguishing is carried out by 292 people and 50 pieces of equipment.

There are two forest fires in the Tyumen region – in the Yalutorovsky and Armizonsky municipal districts, the headquarters added. Now they are being extinguished by 17 people and 7 units of special equipment. The fires are localized.

Mikhail Manannikov, Yekaterinburg



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