Smotrich claimed: in the negotiations for Perishet Shaked; Shaked: A complete lie

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Smotrich claimed: in the negotiations for Perishet Shaked;  Shaked: A complete lie

Smotrich and Shaked, archive (Photo: Olivia Pitosi, Flash 90)

The chairman of Religious Zionism MK Bezalel Smotrich claimed last night (Thursday) at an event with activists that he is holding talks with Ayelet Shaked’s people in order to get her to withdraw from running in the elections in exchange for a position in the national camp, N12 reported. Shaked said in response that this is a complete lie.

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Smotrich told the activists at the event: “We mustn’t throw votes in the trash. I don’t want to expand on this, but all of us in the advocacy have to tell the public. There is a danger of the blocking percentage and we are dealing with it.”

“There are contacts that I conduct within the national camp and with people around Ayelet that she will find a way to be a partner in one way or another. I think it is right that she will continue to represent her voice.”

Smotrich added: “There is a way for her to continue to be a part of the actions and contribution to Israel in the national camp without her taking big risks and endangering the State of Israel and the national camp. I really hope that common sense will prevail. I have reasons to be optimistic.”

Ayelet Shaked responded: “Continuing to the false publications from the creator of Bezalel Smutritz, which are a direct continuation of the chain of lies for which he will have to fast for several days of Kippur, we will make it clear that this is a complete lie sucked out of the finger.”

“We understand that there are parties that build on the votes of the Jewish Home, but we are sorry to disappoint, the Jewish Home will run to the end. The clearest thing from all the polls is that without the Jewish Home there will be no right-wing government and a government will be established with the Arabs.”

“Only with us can a stable right-wing government be established for 4 years that will solve the problems of the cost of living and the lack of security and governance,” Shaked added.

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