Snezhkin gave four awards to the Mongolian film version of Rasputin’s story

Snezhkin gave four awards to the Mongolian film version of Rasputin’s story

Kazakh paintings were also among the leaders

The 31st Kinoshock International Festival has ended in Anapa. The jury of the main competition, led by film director Sergei Snezhkin, awarded four awards to the Mongolian film Cuckoo. In total, 11 films from Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Russia participated in the competition. Kazakhstan was the leader in the number of films and prizes.

“Cuckoo” became the best film, and Zhamyansuren Zhanchivdorj, who shot it, was named the best director. The film is based on the story of the Soviet and Russian writer Valentin Rasputin “Deadline”. Its action is transferred from the Russian village to the Mongolian mountains, where the main characters live in a yurt.

The dying old woman and her youngest son Dashdorzha were played by Tangad Borkhuu, who already received an award for the best acting work at the Trans-Baikal Film Festival in Chita in 2017, and the popular Mongolian actor Tserenbold Tsegmid. They got the awards for the best female and male roles.

The “Best Screenplay” was written for the Kazakh “Brothers” by two authors – Darkhan Tulegenov and Alen Rakhmetaliev. “The best music for the film” – again, the Kazakh “Zere” – composer Dana Zulpykhar. The Alexander Knyazhnsky Prize for the best cinematography was awarded to Nados Zhumabaev, who shot the Kazakh film “Red Pomegranate”.

A special diploma “For the cinematic passion with which the hopes of the young generation are told” was awarded to the debutante and student of Alexander Sokurov in the Kabardino-Balkarian workshop Tina Mastafova for the film “Tembot”.

The film press, which worked at the festival, noted the film from Tatarstan “Mikulai” by Ilshat Rakhimbay with a magnificent work by Viktor Sukhorukov.

The jury of the short competition, headed by producer Anatoly Chizhikov, awarded Vlad Petrov’s Puvyrga as the best film.

In the KinoMalyshok competition, Alexander Kulyamin’s The Bell of Hope became the best film.


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