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The Czech national team defeated the Netherlands team in the 1/8 finals of the European Championship with a score of 2: 0. Kommersant asked football experts about their impressions of the match that took place in Budapest.

Roman Dementyev, footballer, head coach of the 11×11 football school:

– Undoubtedly, the Czech Republic surprised me with its strength and power. They turned out to be very physically strong, prepared, but the Dutch were inferior to the Czechs in this regard. Yes, technically the Dutch are better, but in this meeting it was the physical strength that decided. I did not expect that the Czech Republic national team would win this meeting, I expected an equal game. But everything was decided by the removal. After this episode, it became clear that the Czechs simply crushed their opponents and did not let them do anything. They were able to realize this advantage and won the match. And there is nothing more to add.

Yuri Belous, football manager, president of Football-Market:

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– The Netherlands national team was the favorite not only for the bright start of the championship, but also for the names of the players: Matthijs de Ligt, Memphis Depay, others, according to the names of the clubs in which they play: Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Lyon “. But as Nikolai Petrovich Starostin said: “Order beats the class!” Czechs have always been famous for their team play not only in football, but also in other sports. Let’s remember 1996, when they became vice-champions of Europe in England. And now they are great! Of course, it’s a pity for the Netherlands, the players of the national team showed a good game at the beginning of the championship, everyone expected that they would play with Denmark, but the European Championship is a long-distance race, and now the Czechs will play with the Danes. It will be a tough clash between two powerful, well-organized teams.

Oleg Vlasov, sports columnist for the online edition “Rating of Bookmakers”, independent bookmaker analyst, ex-member of the RFU commission for the prevention of fixed matches:

– UEFA EURO 2020 shows that such teams as the Czech Republic, which are in the fourth ten of the FIFA rating (by the way, like Russia), are ready to fight the favorites of the tournament in good mood. And this match demonstrated it. I am delighted with the mood of the Czechs. The same can be said about Hungary, Finland, Austria. Even in the prediction competition, which I run in the “Bookmaker Rating”, only three people out of almost two hundred bet on the victory of the Czech Republic. I think this is the loudest sensation in the Euro so far. Each of the Dutch footballers is personally more technical, but the Netherlands underestimated their rivals, and the Czechs took advantage of this. The key point is, of course, the removal of the Netherlands defender. It will be more difficult in the quarter-finals of the Czech national team. Although, in my opinion, the national teams of Denmark and the Czech Republic in the game so far show approximately the same level of football, despite the difference in the rating. And the Czechs are capable of reaching the semifinals.


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