“So Putin helped ‘the unstable’ Trump to become President of the USA”

Vladimir Putin authorized a 007 mission to interfere in the outcome of the 2016 US elections and win Donald Trump, while considering him “mentally unstable”

The one revealed by an exclusive of the prestigious English newspaper is a real bomb The Guardian, according to which the go-ahead for the operation would have been given during a closed-door session of the National Security Council of Russia. The fact that the news leaks, albeit more than five years late, reveals the will to strike the powerful “Tsar”.

The decision would have been taken on January 22, 2016, according to what emerges from the documents presumably arriving from Kremlin, in the presence not only of Putin, but also of the main ministers and heads of the Russian secret service: to the three Russian spy agencies have been ordered to find practical ways to support with “all possible strength” Trump, who was in the running for the Republican party nomination at the time.

Putin’s spokesperson, Dmitri Peskov, denies the revelations of The Guardian calling them “a great Pulp Fiction”. However, it does discuss the psychological assessment of Trump, portrayed as a “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual suffering from an inferiority complex”.

From the same documents, the Kremlin’s possession of compromising material referring to previous “unofficial visits by Trump to the territory of the Russian Federation”.

But why should we help Trump become President of the USA?

The document states that his victory “will certainly lead to the destabilization of the US socio-political system” and will see the hidden discontent burst into the open, thus favoring the creation of a “theoretical political scenario” particularly pleasing to Russia.

In the dossier it is not mentioned directly Hillary Clinton, the rival of Trump in the 2016 election, but it is suggested that media resources be used to harm leading US political figures. We speak explicitly of “media viruses” that Russia could introduce into American public life, to “alter mass consciousness”.


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