So Putin (with Xi and Iran) cheered for Trump. Word of the 007 Usa

A US intelligence report accuses Russia of interfering in the presidential election to harm Joe Biden, the operations were “authorized by Putin”. Khamenei’s Iran is also accused. But on China the 007s are divided

The Russian government interfered in the US presidential election trying to encourage the re-election of Donald Trump.

The verdict comes from a report by the American National Intelligence Council on the November 2020 vote. Russia – the document published Tuesday evening reads – has attempted to “denigrate the candidacies of President Biden and the Democratic Party, to support former President Trump, to undermine public confidence in the electoral process and to exacerbate socio-political divisions in the United States ”.

Together with Russia, Iran has also tried to alter the electoral result from the outside, but with a campaign in the opposite direction, the 007 in Washington DC concludes. The Islamic Republic “wanted to reduce the chances of re-election of former President Trump – without directly promoting his rivals – to weaken citizens’ trust in the electoral process and in American institutions, sow divisions and foment social tensions”.

In the intelligence document, on the other hand, China is “acquitted”, which “has not tried to implement operations to alter the outcome of the election of Trump and Biden”. A denial of the initial predictions of the intelligence sector: on 8 August 2020 the director of Counter-espionage William Evanina he had in fact warned of interference by the Chinese government to avoid the re-election of Trump, “considered unpredictable”.

The Russian campaign, reveals the report drawn up by the Department of Justice and the Interior together with the FBI and CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency), was directed directly in the Kremlin. “We affirm that the Russian president Vladimir Putin he authorized operations of influence, conducted by a series of Russian government organizations, with the aim of undermining Biden’s candidacy ”.

Specifically, the American secret services accuse Putin of manipulating a Ukrainian politician, Andrii Derkach, to provide Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani information to discredit Joe Biden and his son Hunter in the Ukraine-gate case. “Russia has successfully conducted an intelligence operation that has penetrated the circle of trust of the former president – accuses in a statement the democratic president of the Intelligence Commission of the Chamber Adam Schiff.

Unlike the 2016 presidential campaign, when Russian intelligence agencies had penetrated the systems of the electoral committee of Hillary Clinton, during the last elections there was not “a persistent Russian cyber attack to gain access to the electoral infrastructure”, but rather a “campaign of influence” to alter the public perception of the Biden candidate.

As for Iran, the 007 Americans come to similar conclusions. Even the smear campaign attributable to the Iranian services started on the recommendation of the political-religious leaders of the country: “The Supreme Leader Khamenei authorized the campaign and the Iranian army and intelligence implemented it using open and covert messages and cyber operations, ”concludes the report.

The toll on Chinese interference is not entirely unanimous within the intelligence community. If the document of the National Intelligence Council believes that Beijing “thought” to interfere but “did not”, a dissenting note from the “National intelligence officer for cyber”, a rather unusual circumstance, comes to other conclusions: “China has made some decisions to try to undermine the re-election of former President Trump ”.


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