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The development of technologies that allow new payment methods, such as ‘contactless’ cards -which allow you to pay by simply holding the card close to the dataphone- or paying with your mobile phone allow the user to shop more comfortably. Although, like everything newIt can be confusing at first or uncertainty about whether it really is a secure payment method.

From the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) they propose a series of tips to guarantee that those interested in paying with their mobile devices do so safe way.

Pay with your mobile: step by step

First of all, mobiles must have a chip NFC to carry out these operations, the technology that allows payments to be made as if it were a ‘contactless’ card. One way to check it is to access the settings menu of the device and see if among the connection options -where WIFI or Bluetooth are also found- to see if the NFC connection appears (and activate it).

The next step is to have the ‘payment app according to the mobile (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay), where you must configure the debit or credit card where the receipts will be loaded. Most banks such as Santander, Bankia, Sabadell or BBVA also allow you to configure cards to pay with your mobile phone through their ‘app’ for users.

Finally, unlock screen of the phone and use it in a business where you have a POS device (dataphone) to make the payment.

Is it safe to pay with the mobile?

Security when paying with a mobile phone is similar -if not superior- to paying with a card, since it has the same guarantees in addition to having to unlock the screen before paying.

  • Keep the operating system up to date.

  • Install an antivirus.

  • Disable NFC when not in use.

  • Do not connect to public WIFI networks without access password

  • Disable system and remove cards in case of repair

  • Use a screen lock system with PIN or fingerprint

In the event of theft or loss of the telephone, the procedure is the same as that of losing a card, so it is necessary to contact the financial institution that issued them to communicate it and have them blocked.

In addition, the new maximum limit of the holder’s liability for the fraudulent use of a payment instrument before notification of the theft or loss is 50 euros.


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