Sochaux player Sambou Yatabaré imprisoned

Sochaux player Sambou Yatabaré imprisoned

This is an extra-sporting affair which the Doubiste club, currently 2nd in Ligue 2, would have gladly done without. Point as well as the team, Sochaux midfielder Sambou Yatabaré, 33, has been imprisoned in Besançon prison since the middle of January. The player had an altercation with a PAF police officer six years ago, he had punched him in the face after the latter drew his weapon in front of him, because of a misconduct.

The facts date back to April 2017, as mentioned at the time on our site. On the road to Roissy airport, the footballer, who arrived in Sochaux in the summer of 2022 from Valenciennes, had therefore had a collision with another motorist, who happened to be a plainclothes police officer. The tone rose and the dispute took on far more serious proportions in an airport car park. The Malian player struck a violent blow in the face of the policeman. The optic nerve was affected, resulting in an ITT of 21 days.

The club confirms the information

On January 4, 2023, the Bobigny Criminal Court sentenced Yatabaré to twelve months’ imprisonment in his absence. The player’s lawyer told L’Équipe that he had not received the summons to court due to a change of email address. In the process, after trying to locate the midfielder, the police raided the Bonal stadium to arrest him and take him to the Besançon remand center.

The FCSM “confirms that its player has been arrested and imprisoned”. On the other hand, “no other comment on this private situation, unrelated to the FCSM, will be made by the club”.


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