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Colombo; The curfew was imposed from 6 pm yesterday (Apr. 02) to 6 am on Monday (Apr. 04) in a bid to call for the biggest protest against the government in Sri Lanka. In this situation, social media has been disabled in the country

Sri Lanka’s economy has been hit hard by a shortage of foreign exchange. Petrol, diesel and cooking gas prices have skyrocketed. With rising prices, power cuts are gripping Sri Lankans in the summer sun. Every day, 13 hours of power cuts are in effect.

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Thus, the people are deeply dissatisfied with the Sri Lankan government. Hundreds of protesters stormed President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s mansion the night before, turning violent and setting vehicles on fire.

Thus, the curfew was enforced and later lifted. As the people’s struggle continued, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa ordered a state of emergency in the country. Social media in the country, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, has been disabled.


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