Sogno Azzurro, Rai cameras in the Mancini’s changing rooms


Sogno Azzurro, Rai cameras in the Mancini’s changing rooms

Blue dream, comes a docu-series that will allow fans to discover secrets and behind the scenes of the national of Roberto Mancini. The cameras of the Rai will tell many unpublished moments of the Azzurri in a 4-episode miniseries that will be broadcast in the days preceding the European football championships scheduled from 11 June (opening match Italy-Turkey) to 11 July 2021 (final at Wembley).

Blue dream, Gravina (Figc): “We have opened the doors of the blue retreat to the fans”

“The National represents a heritage of all Italians, for the first time we have opened the doors of the blue retreat to the fans “, he explained Gabriele Gravina, president of the FIGC. “After the all-time low of Italy-Sweden in 2017 we fought hard to fight that disaffection and that moment of depression. We did it with a targeted strategy, relaunching the Italian club by focusing on young people and their enthusiasm. I thank the players and the staff. technician with Roberto Mancini first of all, as well as the U21 and the women’s national team “.

Blue dream, Mancini: “I hope it is a good omen for the European Championship”

The coach of the Italian national team, Roberto Mancini tells the ‘blue dream’ that will go on Rai screens: “It was a very nice thing, at the beginning it was not easy to have people in the locker room in the crucial moments of a match. we had fun. It will be exciting for the fans to experience what happens in the locker room, the joys and emotions. Then we hope that it will also be a good omen for our future at the European Championships. “

Blue dream, 4 episodes on Rai to tell the story of Roberto Mancini’s national team before the European football championships

Blue dream is a miniseries in 4 episodes, broadcast from 7 to 10 June on Rai1 at 8.45pm, to tell the story of the Azzurri’s journey towards the European Championships: RAI and FIGC together, at the Federal Technical Center of Coverciano, with the President Marcello Foa, the Director of Rai1 Stefano Coletta and the Director of Raisport Auro Bulbarelli in connection, and in the presence of the CEO Fabrizio Salini and the Director of Nuovi Formati Pierluigi Colantoni, with the President of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, to do the honors, accompanied by the CT Roberto Mancini and by the Head of the National Delegation Gianluca Vialli. With ” Sogno Azzurro ”, for the first time in the long and winning history of the national team, the public will have the opportunity to enter Coverciano, follow the players from their arrival to the meetings between staff and team, during training and in moments of relaxation, traveling with the Azzurri during away matches, “ living ” by their side in the locker room before the game, on the pitch and in the stands and after the match, discovering the people who contribute to achieving sporting results, crossing the themes and the values ​​of sport: from human relationships to courage, from fear to redemption.

Blue dream, the story of the national team and the friendship between Mancini, Vialli and all the staff

Blue Dream‘it is not only a sports story, but also a human one, made up of many stories. Like that of the great friendship that unites the CT Roberto Mancini and his staff, made up of lifelong companions, such as Gianluca Vialli and the other ” boys ” of his Sampdoria and just extended to the 2006 world champion Daniele De Rossi, but also like that of the rivalry between opposing players in the clubs that is overcome, on the basis of the ties that arise in the national team. Up to those that do not always have a happy ending, as happens when a player is forced to miss the chance of his life due to injury or unexpected events. And then there is room for habits and the superstitions, i secrets and the curiosity, such as the new technologies increasingly present in football. And so, when Italy takes the field to face Turkey in the opening match of UEFA EURO 2020, the public will get to know better the players, the stories, the emotions and the people who are about to give life to a new Blue Dream.


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