Solar Eclipse 2021: When is the solar eclipse? Date, time information … Do you know in India?

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Lunar eclipses and solar eclipses are events that occur when the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned in the same straight line. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes in the path of sunlight and casts its shadow on the earth.

This solar eclipse occurs because the Moon is in a straight line between the Sun and the Earth. This eclipse occurs when the Moon intercepts light from the Sun in a straight line toward the Earth.

The second and last solar eclipse of this year is scheduled for December 4, 2021. It is predicted to occur on the new moon i.e. Krishna Paksha Tithi in the month of Markazhi. Following a lunar eclipse on November 19, a solar eclipse usually occurs on the next lunar day.
A solar eclipse occurs exactly 15 days after that. This time there is a total solar eclipse.

Time of solar eclipse:

The solar eclipse that will occur on Saturday, December 4, 2021 will start at 10.59 am and last until 3.07 pm. I.e. this event lasts for 4 hours 8 minutes. This solar eclipse is visible in areas including Australia, South Africa, and Antarctica. This will not affect India in any way.

And since this happens at night according to Indian time, this solar eclipse event cannot be seen in India. However, it has been announced that the eclipse will be available live on the Internet on December 4.

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