Solar expansion in Berlin: no master plan!

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Berlin – A master plan for solar expansion – that is the promise of the new Berlin coalition. By 2035, solar energy is expected to cover a quarter of the city’s total electricity generation. Currently, not even one percent of the energy comes from photovoltaics. Can the coalition do it? The current pace of solar expansion raises serious doubts.

The coalition itself does not seem particularly convinced either. According to the coalition agreement, the goal should only be achieved “as far as possible”. With this formulation alone the following is conveyed: “It might work or it might not. It’s not that bad. ”Yes, it is! The expansion of renewable energies must finally be promoted quickly and on a large scale – immediately, in Berlin and nationwide. The time is running out.

Solar energy could cover 40 percent of electricity consumption

With the planned expansion of photovoltaics and wind energy, Germany will fall far short of the goals of the Paris climate protection agreement, shows a study – a sign of poverty. Berlin in particular could achieve a lot in this regard. There are numerous suitable roof surfaces – on schools, parking garages, supermarkets, residential buildings. Solar energy alone could cover a good 40 percent of the city’s current electricity consumption. And yes, there must be electricity storage for days with little sunshine. Here, too, investments are needed.

Thousands of skilled workers are lacking in Berlin alone. Gigantic training and further education programs are necessary – which should start immediately. The same applies to funding programs. The dismantling of bureaucratic hurdles is also long overdue. And why does the solar obligation for new buildings only apply from 2023 and not already today? In order for Berlin’s master plan to become one, consistent action is finally required: and now. And phrases, slogans and words such as “if possible” should be avoided in the future.


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