“Soldaten mit Herz” donate swimming aids and books to the SOS Children’s Village Moosburg

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2023-07-17 09:13:07

According to the Road Safety Board, 600,000 people in Austria cannot swim – and the trend is rising. This often has dramatic consequences: last year, a total of 33 people died in the water – including five children. This is exactly where the summer campaign “Together for safe water rats and bookworms” of the soldiers with heart comes into play. The non-profit association presented swimming aids and a carefully selected collection of books on the subject of swimming to a total of 50 children and young people from the SOS Children’s Village in Moosburg. The aim of the campaign is to give the children the chance to become confident and safe swimmers.

President John Patrick Platzer, financial officer Martin Kusternigg, soldier with a heart Imrana Jashari and the educational director of the SOS Children’s Village, Marlene Kohlweiss, were present at the handover ceremony.

President Platzer emphasizes the importance of this valuable campaign: “We not only want to give the children in the SOS Children’s Village Moosburg the opportunity to learn to swim, but also give them joy and safety in the water. Swimming is not only an important part of life in the Badeland Carinthia, it also contributes significantly to personal development and contribute to self-confidence.”

A soldier with a heart Imrana Jashari organized the swimming aids and adds: “We have selected a variety of swimming aids for the children such as foam noodles, arm bands, buoys and surfboards, as well as volleyballs, frisbees and much more. These aids help them to overcome their fear of water and learn to swim in a playful way.”

An employee of the Klagenfurt bookstore Heyn compiled a list of the best young adult books on the subject of swimming. The cordial comrades then bought every single title. Finance officer Martin Kusternigg appreciates the literary-professional pre-selection from the region: “We would like to thank the HEYNis. The books are not only a source of inspiration, but also an important means of stimulating the children’s interest in reading and in to inspire safety in the water.”

The educational director of the SOS Children’s Village, Marlene Kohlweiss is enthusiastic: “On behalf of the entire team ind Moosburg, I would like to thank President Platzer and his soldiers from the bottom of my heart for their support over the years. The swimming aids and the books are a valuable gift for our children. With these aids we can now go on even safer swimming trips and the children keep getting excited about the water.”

President Platzer also took the opportunity to thank the generous donors: “In addition to our soldiers with a heart, special thanks go to Marlene from the Gut Ottmanach stables and Stefan, the store leader at Decathlon Klagenfurt. Your generous support made it possible for us to present these valuable gifts to the children. Your big heart is for children exemplary and we are deeply grateful to them.”

Nine “soldiers with a heart” tips for safe bathing fun:

Always stay within reach: Parents or guardians should always be in close proximity to ensure the safety of young children in the water.Learn to swim safely: Swimming lessons in a pool are ideal for children to learn how to swim safely.Supervision remains a matter for adults: Children should not be assigned sole responsibility for supervising other children.Colorful swimwear for better visibility in the water: Bright and flashy bathing suits or trunks make it easier to locate a person in the water in an emergency.Age-appropriate swimming aids offer additional safety: The use of age-appropriate swimming aids such as arm bands or swimming belts increases the safety of small children in the water.Swimming in a group for more safety: It’s best to swim in groups, especially in open water, to ensure mutual support and quick help in an emergency.Dive only when water is known: When diving into the water, it is important to know the depth of the water and to rule out possible obstacles.Don’t forget sunscreen: Remember to use adequate sunscreen to protect yourself and your children from sunburn and damage from UV rays.Promote fun on and in the water: Create a positive experience with the water in infancy and support getting used to the water through playful splashing and practicing the first swimming movements.

Worth knowing
The association “Soldaten mit Herz” is committed to supporting children and young people in difficult life situations in Austria. The Carinthia Military Command awarded the club, headed by John Patrick Platzer, the “Military Political Organization 2021”. In the same year, the Ministry of Defense awarded the association the “Militia Seal of Approval”. More than twenty charity campaigns have already been implemented throughout Austria. The association works closely with SOS Children’s Villages and other organizations to help where it is most needed. You don’t have to be a soldier to support the projects of the “Soldiers with Heart”, anyone can become a member.

All information here: www.soldatenmitherz.at/mitglied-werden

Photo: “Soldiers with a heart”

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