Solomon Islands become a riot ground by China !! Set fire to parliament

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During the violence in the Solomon Islands, the parliament of that country was set on fire, causing a stir. The Solomon Islands are a country of hundreds of islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

Manase Sokavare has been the Prime Minister of this country since 2019. In this context, he recently severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan and established diplomatic relations with China. There was strong opposition to this.

Various provincial governments in the country refused to accept the government’s decision. Following this, the people jumped into the fray, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Manase Sokavare.

More than a thousand people rallied in front of parliament in the capital, Hon’ble, yesterday to stress the demand.

Clashes broke out between the two sides as police tried to chase them away. Then the conflict erupted into great violence.

Following this, protesters set fire to the parliament building and a nearby police station. Because of this, huge hurry-burry began there.


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