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Apple Watch Series 8 and the new rugged Ultra have been launched one after another in the past two weeks. In addition to the joy of getting the new product, users of the new watch have recently posted in the discussion area and found that their watch has a microphone failure. Abnormal conditions of use.

Recently, in Apple’s official forums and other discussion areas, users have started to respond to the “noise” program on their watch, and an error message will pop up, indicating that the watch cannot be performed because the watch is locked underwater or the microphone is occupied by other programs. Noise measurements, followed by microphone-related Siri, voice input, and the “wash your hands” feature will all be disabled.

At present, when this problem is encountered, the use of the microphone will return to normal after restarting, until the error message reappears. Even installing the affected Apple Watch to the latest WatchOS 9 will not solve it, but it seems that it is only a software issue. The problem, and Apple seems to be aware of it, there is no accident that Apple will release an update to solve it, and it is good news that there is no need to make a trip to repair it.

Citation Source: MacRumors


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