Some details of the collapse of the B&B Hotels are known – International Cycling

Some details of the collapse of the B&B Hotels are known – International Cycling

By @Sama_86

More details of what was one of the events of the past cycling and market winter come to light: the disappearance of the B&B Hotels. The French team that was aiming for the World Tour and ended up leaving almost its entire squad out on the street.

“I will tell everything and I hope to be able to do it before the start of Paris-Nice 2023. I have to make some things clear,” said its director, Jérôme Pineau, who had plans to turn the squad into a reference formation. Various sponsorship news such as Carrefour or Amazon sounded, but nothing materialized.

The problems came when Pineau – apparently – tried to join forces with the former manager of Orange and Ligue 1, Didier Quillot in a plan to negotiate with the Paris City Council; the idea was a possible sponsorship that ended up being unfeasible.

However, this move caused the Brittany region, which was a sponsor of the team and which had provided a lot of money in the past to cover the UCI licenses through a large loan, to become furious with the director.

According to L’Equipe, Pineau and Quillot had contacted a hundred companies, but without any relevant interest. Thus, in the twinkling of an eye, the news of the team’s presentation went from the closing of the event.

We’ll wait until spring to find out more details of what made the French team end up this way.

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