Some IT companies received erroneous accreditation revocation notices

Some Russian IT companies received an erroneous notification through Gosuslugi about the cancellation of state accreditation, the Telegram channel of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development reported.

“Today, some IT companies received an erroneous notification about the cancellation of state accreditation in the State Services mailing list. A technical failure has occurred. In the near future, those who received such a message erroneously will receive a letter of refutation from the State Services.

This message was commented on by Vladimir Arlazarov, CEO of Smart Engines, whose company received a notification from the ministry. “We received such a notification from the Ministry of Digital Development. In the near future, we plan to clarify whether it really came as a result of a technical failure, as the ministry reports, ”he said in his Telegram channel.

On March 2, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on measures to support the IT sector, according to which Russians who work in companies accredited by the Ministry of Digital Development have the right to deferment from conscription until they reach the age of 27 for the entire period of work. The deferment procedure was specified in a government decree dated March 28, 2022. In April, the Ministry of Digital Development service began to work, through which companies can issue a deferment to employees. After the announcement of new measures to support the IT industry, the number of applications for accreditation in the register of IT companies has increased dramatically, a representative of the Ministry of Digital Development said in early May. Initially, the accreditation service was provided automatically, and any company could add the required OKVED and get into the list of IT companies, Maksut Shadayev, head of the Ministry of Digital Development, noted.

On August 2, the Ministry of Digital Development announced a new procedure for accreditation of IT companies. The key requirement is that the revenue from IT activities should be at least 30%. The profile OKVED should be listed as the main one, and 80% of employees should receive a salary not lower than the national average. The Ministry of Digital Development is ready to accredit startups without revenue that invest in IT. They need to declare the IT project being developed and the status of its implementation. The company must also be established no earlier than three years prior to the application. Accreditation may be denied to companies established as a result of reorganization or with state participation (at least 50%). Also, banks, non-bank credit or insurance organizations, television companies, state or municipal institutions will not be able to get into the register.

As of August 5, the register includes almost 30,000 organizations, including Yandex, VK, Kaspersky Lab, Positive Technologies and others. basic. Among them were Sberbank, VTB, Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff Bank, Otkritie, Gazprombank, MKB and a number of other large banks. The Bank of Russia, the National Payment Card System, the Moscow Exchange and the National Settlement Depository were also removed from the register.


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