“Someone in the hospital will end up there”

“E’ likely that someone in the hospital will end up there“. This is the prediction of the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, professor at the University of Milan, on the impact that the ‘blue variant’, or a feared consequence of the celebrations in all the squares of Italy for the victory at the European football championships of the National may have on the Covid pandemic.

“With Inter it went well – recalls Pregliasco at Adnkronos Salute – but we were in a more limited situation. This time it was a truly transversal thing, which involved everyone from Rocca Cannuccia to New York, even – he underlines – I read about Italians who celebrated on an intercontinental plane. So it is difficult to say how many more infections we will have, the impact is difficult to quantify, but – warns the expert – we certainly gave them a hand to the virus “.

Pregliasco then suggests to “use the Green pass also in relation to the colors of the regions“.” I would say to organize some parameters and say now the Green pass is used to go to the stadium or to the gym, then in the autumn also to go to get the newspaper. In short, depending on the epidemiological trend, it will grow “, he says.

The key word is ‘modulation’. “The Green pass – says the virologist to Adnkronos Salute – is a useful element in my opinion, because since it is a built and organized system, it can be exploited first of all as an element of pride for having vaccinated and doing something to protect ourselves and the others. Then, for the activation times, let’s also see them according to the conditions “.

So a card to play in place of closures in the event of a surge in infections? “It could be the complementary element – believes the expert – because I fear that there may be some stringent red zone anyway. It is clear that the Delta variant will ruin everything a bit”.


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