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New Delhi: The complainant’s son has approached the Supreme Court demanding the quashing of the Special Investigation Team’s report that the accused mother is innocent in the Kadaikkavur POCSO case. In the petition filed in the Supreme Court, the mother’s bail has also been requested to be cancelled. The son has filed a petition stating that the High Court passed the order without hearing his arguments.

The allegation that the mother sexually assaulted her 13-year-old son is false. The investigation team led by Divya Gopinath had submitted a report. Based on this report, the High Court ordered to quash the case. Then the Thiruvananthapuram POCSO court closed the case proceedings. But the son has approached the Supreme Court alleging that the High Court heard only the prosecution’s side and passed the order without hearing his side.

Lawyer Ansu K. said that the High Court order should be canceled and the mother should be instructed to face trial in the case. It has been demanded in the petition filed by Varki. Justices Suryakant and Abhay S. A bench consisting of Oka is considering the petition.

The Special Investigation Team had informed the High Court that the report was prepared taking into account the findings of the Medical Board headed by the Superintendent of Thiruvananthapuram Medical College and the results of scientific tests.

While abroad with his father, the boy was discovered watching a pornographic video. The finding of the report is that the mother raised a complaint of torture to escape. The investigation team’s report also mentioned that there was no motivation behind the child’s complaint against the mother.


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