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It’s not even been a week since Spider-Man Remastered hit PC, and PC users have dissected the entire game file by file. In fact, it was through a review of the game’s hundreds of files that evidence of future integration was uncovered to link Sony’s first-party PC version to its system via the PlayStation Network.

According to game files confirmed by VGC, Sony may plan to allow PC gamers to link their PlayStation Network accounts to specific games and offer in-game bonuses as a reward.

While neither Spider-Man Remastered nor any other PlayStation Studios PC games currently allow linking to PSN accounts, the archives for this version of Spider-Man contain multiple references to “PSNAccountLinked” and “PSNLinkingEntitlements”. LevelCapExtras” are also listed, suggesting that these potential bonuses are most likely skill points.

With these hints, it looks like PlayStation Network integration on PC could be coming, albeit optional, in the near future. Stay tuned for further communications from Sony, which just launched a new section on its PC version on its website last week.


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