Soon.. Microsoft may bring ChatGPT-like artificial intelligence to these applications

Soon.. Microsoft may bring ChatGPT-like artificial intelligence to these applications

Microsoft recently launched and opened the limited preview of a “new” Bing that is powered by an “upgraded” ChatGPT language model, called the Prometheus Model.

Citing sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans, The Verge reports that the company is planning an event in March and could detail its productivity plans for incorporating OpenAI’s AI language technology into search and productivity apps.

According to a report by The Information, GPT forms have been tested in Outlook to improve search results.

Testing included suggesting responses to emails and integrating Word documents to improve users’ writing.

Microsoft is also working on ways to create charts and graphics for PowerPoint, the sources said.

The report by The Verge also says that Microsoft is moving quickly in developing its AI-powered applications because of Google. Furthermore, CEO Satya Nadella is keen to be a leader in AI, and faces any pushback from rival Google.

At the launch of AI-powered Bing earlier this week, Nadella said that AI will reshape the largest software category on the planet especially when it comes to search.

“I think there will be things that we will have everywhere we go, all computer interactions will be mediated with an agent to help, we will have the idea of ​​a co-pilot that will be on every application board,” he added.

It is also reported that not only Nadella but a number of Microsoft executives believe they are ahead of Google when it comes to the “new” Bing AI.

According to the report, more than 1 million people signed up for the Bing queue within 48 hours.


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