Sostegni Decree: from tax to work, here’s what changes. All measures

What’s in the decree

Thirty-two billion. This is the amount of funds allocated in deficit in the Sostegni decree, to help the recovery of the country. Of these, about 11 billion destined for businesses and professionals most damaged by the closures arranged in the last three months. Almost 5 billion will instead go to the vaccine plan. The text of the new decree, approved on Friday 19 March by the Council of Ministers, provides for a subdivision of the measures, implemented according to 5 areas of intervention: support for businesses and the economy, provisions on labor, measures on health and safety, aid to local authorities and other “urgent” provisions, from local public transport to educational activities. For aid to businesses, five revenue bands are envisaged with different percentages of economic “support”: from 60% for the smallest to 20% for the largest.


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