Economy of twelve o’clock always with the hand brake applied: this is what a research of theConfcommercio Research Office, according to which in last twenty-five years the share of Pil produced by South on the national total has decreased, passing from beyond the 24% of the 1995 al 22% of the 2019, with a employment level which highlighted a growth AGGREGATE equal to just a quarter of the national average (4.1% versus 16.4%). A phenomenon, the latter, which mainly discounts effects of population reduction resident, especially that youth, which is in the South reduced by over 1.5 million in the period considered. Between new employees in Italy in the last 20 years, only one in 4 is in the southern regions and the twelve o’clock it is inevitably increasingly distant from the rest of the country.

Among the main causes of this disparity, according to the Confcommercio Research Office “structural defects such as bureaucracy, crime e infrastructural deficiencies“. If such defects were reduced in such a way as to bring the equipment to the levels observed in the best Italian regions, the southern gross product would grow by more than 20% at the end of the period (+90 billion euros) compared to a scenario in the absence of interventions “, states the research differences instead in the meantime increase, at least starting from crisis of 2008: the ratio of real per capita output of an inhabitant of the South to that of an inhabitant of the Northwest falls from 0.55 (55%) to 0.52. In terms of population, the weight of the South on the total of Italy goes from 36.4% to 33.9% and young people in particular are decreasing: if between 1995 and 2019 Italy as a whole loses more than one million young people (from just over 11 million to just over 10 million), southern young people are affected, of a million and a half.

“It is quite evident that, in the future, the greatest fears for the post-pandemic are gathering on the danger of returning to growth at the insufficient rates of the recent past. To avert this danger they are needed major resources, also of European derivation, it’s a piano of reforms With the’aim to increase and better use productive and human capital, in addition to exploiting the enormous potential of tourism “, says the Studies Office, according to which in absolute value the foreign presences of the whole South are lower than those of Lazio alone. Per Confcommercio, this is why we need to relaunch the economy by exploiting the enormous potential of the sightseeing, sector to which the South “would potentially have an incisive vocation“. The percentage incidence of foreign spending (active tourism) on domestic consumption is 4% in Italy, but while in the Center it reaches 5.6% in the southern regions it stops at 2.3%. adequately “income ”the resources of this area – natural beauty, cultural routes, favorable climate – and allow the southern regions to participate in the process of building wealth through tourism.

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