The DPRK launched an unknown projectile in the direction of the Sea of ​​Japan, which could be a ballistic missile, the Ryonghap news agency reported, citing the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea. The missile landed in the Sea of ​​Japan outside the Japanese exclusive economic zone, reported

Kyodo agency citing Japanese authorities. North Korea has not yet confirmed the information.

“A supposedly North Korean ballistic missile has apparently already fallen. A request to the vessels to monitor the information and, if any fragments of it are found, without approaching them, to transfer the information to the security service at sea, “the Japanese Maritime Safety Directorate said in a statement (translated by RIA Novosti).

This is the second rocket launch by the DPRK in 2022. The first was reported by Japan and South Korea on January 5. The previous time, the North Korean authorities carried out a missile launch on October 19. Then in the DPRK they tested a submarine ballistic missile (SLBM). North Korea conducted at least nine missile tests in 2021.

Read about the situation on the Korean Peninsula in the material of “Kommersant” “The DPRK is being brainstormed.”


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