Sowbhagya Venkitesh | Saubhagya Venkitesh dances in the room before leaving for childbirth

Sowbhagya Venkitesh does not give up dancing even after entering the hospital room for childbirth. Earlier, Saubhagya had posted a video of her dancing with her full body husband Arjun Somasekhara in the rain. Saubhagya had been dancing and teaching dance throughout her pregnancy. Saubhagya was inspired by her mother Tara Kalyan who danced like this years ago.

Soubhagya posted a picture of herself with her husband and mother before the first eyelid was born. In another video, mother Tara Kalyan dances with her daughter.

Saubhagya’s gardening ceremonies were well attended. Soubhagya Valakap was given the task of sewing blouses by designer Tanzeela Mohammad. Along with a lot of embellishments, another surprise was hidden in the blouse without knowing the good fortune. It was heartbreaking for someone who was going to be a mother for some reason.

Saubhagya’s blouse has a picture of Unnikannan sitting on a flute and a butter umbrella. Saubhagya had said that this was purely his designer’s idea.

Henna wrapped her arms around him and happily attended the festivities with relatives and friends. Saubhagya is the only daughter of actress Tara Kalyan and actor and dancer Rajaram and the wife of actor Arjun Somasekaran.

The good news comes at a time when there is no indication that she is pregnant. Saubhagya was posing in front of the camera dressed for a photoshoot as usual. But suddenly something changed.

I felt very tired and exhausted on the day of the shoot. My mind told me to go home as soon as possible. Good luck that so much laziness and fatigue has never come together. Often dizzy, but still trying to pose in front of the camera in the best possible way. He was fortunate that he did not know that a baby’s heart was beating inside him.

Saubhagya had said that it should be the first week of pregnancy or something.



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