Sowbhagya Venkitesh | Video of Saubhagya Venkatesh with steps on the 12th day of cesarean

Sowbhagya Venkitesh’s latest dance video begins by saying that it is the 12th day after C section or cesarean. Her daughter Sundarshana gave birth by caesarean section earlier than expected. Soubhagya is back on the dance floor before the baby’s yarn ceremony.

“Stop scaring people who are going to be mothers … Ladies, believe me … you’re happy! It’s not a big deal … Fortunately medical science is very advanced … Everything you hear from people about c – sections is a myth … Do not give up hope … Enjoy.
Thank you so much to my doctor Anita Pillai for breaking all the fears associated with C-section delivery and bringing me back, ”Saubhagya said with the dance video.

Even during her pregnancy, the Saubhagya dance was not postponed until later. Online dance classes were also conducted. In other words, Soubhagya had posted a video of herself dancing with her mother when she was admitted to the hospital for childbirth.

Good luck being active on the Instagram handle. She is supported by her husband Arjun Somasekaran and mother Tara Kalyan.

Saubhagya and family are thrilled that Kunjuvava has come home now. Tara Kalyan is happy to caress her first granddaughter. Soubhagya also posted this video.

Saubhagya also posted about her first car trip with her daughter.

Summary: Social media influencer Sowbhagya Venkitesh posted a dancing video of hers on the 12th day of childbirth through C Section



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