Sowbhagya Venkitesh: With four generations; Saubhagya Venkitesh with a valuable picture

Kochi, First Published Dec 4, 2021, 6:48 PM IST

ASowbhagya Venkitesh, a social media star and dancer, and actor Arjun Somasekaran (arjun) gave birth to a baby girl a few days ago. The baby was named Sudarsana by both of them. The actress shares every news about the baby on social media. On this occasion, Saubhagya shared a new film that is getting attention.

Saubhagya shared a photo of her family with four generations. This is a picture of Saubhagya and her baby with mother Tara Kalyan and grandmother Subbalakshmiamma. Arjun’s mother is with them.

“Isn’t this an expensive film? I lost my dad about four years ago, and my husband lost daddy this year. So my baby is not lucky enough to experience the love of a grandfather. God does not always separate a person from everything. God has given her two loving grandmothers and a great grandmother. ”

Soubhagya shared all her pregnancy experiences on social media. Saubhagya had posted a video and pictures of herself dancing happily even inside the hospital hours before the delivery. Saubhagya and Arjun Somasekhar were married in February last year. Arjun and Saubhagya have been friends for more than ten years. Arjun was a student at a dance school run by his mother Tara Kalyan and has performed with Saubhagya in various venues. Arjun is currently running a dance school at Vellayambalam, Thiruvananthapuram.

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