SP government enacts new state minimum wage law of R$ 1,550

SP government enacts new state minimum wage law of R$ 1,550

2023-05-25 22:52:11

Governor Tarcísio de Freitas sanctioned a law that established a new minimum wage in São Paulo at R$ 1,550 this Thursday (25).

Sao Paulo-SP

New amount approved is higher than the national minimum wage and unifies the two previous pay ranges, R$ 1,284 and R$ 1,306. The readjustment takes effect from June 1st and the increase rate is four times higher than the accumulated inflation in the last twelve months, of 4.65%.

Proposal for the new minimum wage was sent to the Legislative Assembly on May 2nd and processed on an urgent basis.

Tarcísio also promised “a real increase in the minimum wage above inflation” in all the years of his government during a speech after the signing of the law.

“We have to celebrate the victories, the achievements and every step we are taking. We know that many steps have to be taken, but it is an important first step towards other vigorous steps towards the recovery of workers’ purchasing power, a fairer and more humane society and a more developed state, with more dialogue and dignity”, defended the governor.

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