Space, Matera is the new hub. The focus is on lasers and quantum information

Space, Matera is the new hub.  The focus is on lasers and quantum information

2023-06-10 07:59:00

Matera at the center of the Italian space between quantum telecommunications, lasers and…

The Italy of space accelerates in quantum telecommunications, from those for connections on Earth to future ones for the Moon, in a program in which the Italian Space Agency aims to develop its center in Matera. This is what emerges in the Space2Connect conference, organized in Matera by the European Space Agency in collaboration with ASI. 40 years after its establishment, within the then National Space Plan and thanks to an agreement with the Basilicata Region, the center of Matera is preparing to be a protagonist of the future, focusing on crucial sectors such as quantum communications in space and the tracking of space debris, also thanks to the funds of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Born in 1983 as a space geodesy center, “today the ASI center in Matera is preparing for major developments”, Roberto Formaro, head of the ASI Programs department, told Ansa on the sidelines of the event organized in the spaces of Sparkme Space Academy. For Geodesy, i.e. the determination of the position of objects on the Earth with the help of satellites, Matera “is one of the seven centers where measurements are made that are able to give very precise positioning of the movements of the Earth, thanks to its large Vlbi antenna”, observed Formaro referring to the antenna for very long baseline interferometry, which uses very distant sources as reference points in space. For this sectorand a new Vlbi antenna is also on the way (in the next two-three years) and a second laser, by 2026, with national and Pnrr funds.

Il the second line of activity on which the ASI center focuses is remote sensing, i.e. the use of satellites to collect data relating to the earth’s surface. The third line of business, added Formaro, “is that of communications and quantum technologies”, for which dedicated lasers are planned in Matera.

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