SpaceX, the journey to Mars has begun: here are the first 150 meters of flight

Spacecraft prototype took off for less than a minute | Courier TV

Just over 50 seconds of flight: that was enough for the prototype of the new generation spacecraft of SpaceX to start the “Journey” to Mars. The test vehicle stood up in flight at an altitude of 150 meters, then landed softly on his “legs”. This is the first flight test in nearly a year for the motore Raptor, which will be used to power the spaceship, and was carried out near the village of Boca Chica, in southern Texas. The vehicle called SN5 was built in stainless steel and – at first glance – it looks like a grain silo.
SN5 and its 150-meter flight could pave the way for a spacecraft capable of transport humans on the Moon and Mars. The ultimate spacecraft could carry up to 100 people on a single flight. But the Moon and Mars are still very far away, the work is only at the beginning: for overcome Earth’s gravity, it will have to be launched from a huge rocket called Super Heavy, which it will be equipped with 31 Raptor motor.



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