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In Spain, there is an increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus. This is the sixth wave of COVID-19 for the Iberian kingdom. And the regions are increasingly making the decision to introduce certain restrictions.

So, in Catalonia, from tomorrow, a covid certificate will be needed in order to get to a restaurant, gym or visit a relative in a nursing home. As the authorities of the autonomy explained, the number of hospitalized people has increased in recent days, faced with this alarming trend and in order to avoid overloading the health care system, the Generalitat decided to expand the validity of covid certificates.

That document entered the life of Catalans in early October, when they began to demand it to enter discos, and then to various celebrations held in hotels and restaurants. And now it will be expanded again. So far, only for 15 days, but it is possible that these measures will subsequently be extended.

A covid certificate indicates that a person has been vaccinated against a coronavirus, has had COVID-19, or has recently taken a test that has proven that he is healthy. The authorities do not hide that they are introducing their restrictions in order to stimulate the vaccination campaign and push those who still doubt to this step (in Catalonia, about 75% are vaccinated, which is significantly lower than the general Spanish level of 89%).

However, you can live in the region without a certificate. So, for lunch on the restaurant’s terrace, this document is not required, and in nursing homes, visitors without a certificate can do an express test for antibodies.

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Andalusia is preparing to follow the example of Catalonia, in this region the situation with the coronavirus at the moment, as local authorities say, “is worrisome, but not alarming.” But before introducing restrictions, we decided to consult with experts, so now everything depends on what recommendations they give. It is assumed that the introduction of covid certificates for entry into nightlife, cultural and sports events will not cause problems, since 90% of the region’s population is already vaccinated. True, one point raises questions: among the places where they will be allowed only under these documents, there are also hospitals. And if this restriction is introduced, the right to receive medical care will be violated. In Spain, they are very sensitive to such issues. For example, the other day, the Supreme Court of the Basque Country ruled that it was illegal to require covid certificates when visiting discos and karaoke, as this would violate the right to self-expression.

But in Aragon, from today, they have already begun to require these certificates for access to the services provided by nightlife. In this region, the court sided with the authorities, it allowed the government of the autonomy to take any measures that are necessary to combat the pandemic.


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