Spanish soccer team | Joselu: the goal never gets old

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Joselu Mato, Carvajal’s brother-in-law, Spanish footballer, striker by trade and goalscorer by vocation, andHe entered in the 81st minute of the Spain-Norway match played in Malaga and left his mark. In a big way, as do those chosen ones who wait patiently for their moment, without giving up, without giving up, without a bad face. He needed just four minutes to sign a historic double that allows Luis de la Fuente’s new team to start the qualifying phase for the Eurocup with a convincing victory.

The goal does not age, it does not know how old it is. Joselu is 32 years old, but whoever was born blessed with the gift of goals will die with him. Obviously, age has an influence, but Joselu’s 32 years empirically confirm a theory that is impossible to refute. Best of all, the Espany strikerol achieved the double a few minutes after debuting with the absolute of Spain. Almost nothing.

The first was marked by taking advantage of a silk center from Fabián and finishing off, also with a silk, with a header to the long post. A header from ‘9’, like, almost, like someone who occupies a position on an assembly line. The second was a hustler. The ball came to him in the area after a series of rejections and Joselu finished the play with his left foot, first of all. The center forward job was never better represented in this new stage of the Spanish team. De la Fuente’s first great success.

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