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Deputy of the German Bundestag, representative of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) faction on foreign policy Nils Schmid proposed to involve Ukraine in solving the problem of refugees on the border of Poland and Belarus. As the politician said in an interview with the German media company Deutschlandfunk on Wednesday, November 10, it would be possible to agree with Kiev on the temporary admission of refugees. Until the consideration of their applications for asylum in the EU is underway. “This way we can make it clear that not every migrant will automatically enter the European Union,” Schmid said.

At the same time, the politician representing the largest faction in the Bundestag criticized Poland’s treatment of migrants who are trying to illegally enter the country from Belarus. Schmid drew attention to reports of illegal displacement of refugees from the country back to Belarus without the opportunity to apply to the EU. According to the German politician, Poland must comply with international norms, in particular, provide those in need with basic humanitarian protection and the right to consider an asylum application.

Meanwhile, the current German government has threatened the ruling regime of Belarus with new sanctions. Acting Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas accused Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko of “shameless” exploitation of migrants.

Border refugee crisis

The situation on the Polish-Belarusian border escalated sharply on Monday, November 8, when several thousand migrants from the Middle East, wishing to move to the European Union, approached the border with Poland from Belarus. Border guards and servicemen managed to stop the illegal immigrants, they set up camp near the village of Kuznitsa.

According to media reports, on the night of November 10, two groups of several dozen illegal immigrants were able to forcefully break through the border and penetrate into Polish territory in different places. All of them were returned to the Belarusian side, although some, as noted by the border guards, had to be found. At the same time, Minsk accused Polish soldiers of using violence against migrants: they claim that at least four people were diagnosed with multiple injuries.

In May, the Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko said that Minsk would no longer keep refugees from moving on to EU countries. After that, the flow of illegal migrants increased sharply, first to Lithuania and then to Poland. The European Union accuses the Lukashenka regime of deliberately provoking a migration crisis and organizing the transfer of thousands of illegal immigrants to the EU borders in response to the sanctions that Europe has imposed against his regime.

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