SpearUAV unveils the VIPER – a weapon drone launched from a capsule

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The VIPER system will provide the fighters with an operational advantage through an organic ability to locate and accurately attack targets beyond the line of sight

SpearUAV – develops autonomous unmanned aircraft systems launched from a capsule, based on artificial intelligence (AI), reveals the VIPER – for the first time, a roving armament drone, launched from a capsule. The system will provide the tactical forces in the field with a clear operational advantage through the ability to immediately locate, classify, track and accurately attack targets beyond the line of sight, autonomously and simply to operate.

The hovering capability of the VIPER allows the system to perform target collection and attack missions in a complex and dense urban environment. Unlike fixed-wing systems, the hovering capabilities of the VIPER allow for low terrain tracking, scanning buildings and openings, locating hidden targets, dealing with limited lines of sight, “cancelling a mission at the last second” and more.

The system, compact and portable, is adapted to a variety of types of ammunition and has an intuitive user interface that is simple to operate, requiring only minimal training. The system can be activated by a single user and is ready for launch in less than a second, both from a static state and while moving. In addition, VIPER has unique features based on artificial intelligence and computer vision, such as target detection, classification and autonomous surveillance day and night, which guarantee “surgical” hit accuracy and minimal collateral damage, as well as the ability to make an autonomous decision to “walk around at the last moment”.

“The VIPER system is the latest and most advanced development from SpearUAV,” says Lt. Col. Gadi Kuperman, founder and CEO of SpearUAV. “The VIPER provides an answer to a distinct operational need, combining all the features required for a precise attack in a complex combat environment – complete independence for the fighter, immediate launch, autonomous ability to locate and classify targets, and finally – precise hitting of the target with minimal collateral damage. We are proud that the company’s systems have already been proven in the field.”

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