Special fuel of Indian economy

Special fuel of Indian economy

# Dr. Saurabh Gargai, CEO, UIDAI

It is the basis of almost all activity in the economy. The inevitability of digitization is well recognized. There is a box. Growth in Internet penetration, affordable data, and technology Beyond development, build digital infrastructure The Government’s emphasis on Tucan and speedy delivery is the best way. Ensures target attainment and improved accountability.

Digital aftermath

Total value of India’s major digital wealth systems during 2014-2019 Growth (GVA) rose to 8.5 percent from 5.4 percent. Over the same period, the digital wealth system is the overall wealth system. Grown 2.4 times faster than Ye. According to the Reserve Bank’s recently published bulletin, total income in 2019 22 percent of the economy is digitally reliant on wealth. St.

Developing Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) The new government is emphasizing; that

= Digital platform for more participatory service delivery solutions Ensuring public access to resources;

= market-leading innovations;

= making services affordable and fast; and,

= It will ensure the development of more transparent systems. The trail also increases user confidence.

Accessibility, Affordability, Connectivity, Embedding Digital India aims to improve Now visible all over India. Aadhaar is a key component of digital infrastructure, and its Digital governance of government through internet specialization Rice has become a commodity. About 1700 Kshema-Sadbhas of Central and State Govts using Aadhaar Rana projects are proof of it. The use of Aadhaar should be seamless to the intended beneficiaries. It is ensured that the wages arrive.

For example, in the Public Distribution System (PDS), Compu Wrong type of grains through direct distribution chain management There has been a significant reduction in spending. Details of 750 million PDS beneficiaries arrested on Aadhaar basis Backlog 47 million fake/duplicate ration cards removed Yanai. Mechanization of Fair Price Shops Could Save $12 Billion Yaki. Similarly, under the Pachakawataka Subsidy Scheme (PAHAL), 8.5 billion UA There was a profit of Rs. 12 million metric tons to retailers under the Farmer Support Scheme. 1.2 billion dollars saved due to reduced sales of fertilizers.

The growth of digital distribution

Over 1.17 billion mobile telecom subscribers in the state and 600 million There are more smartphone users and 840 million internet connections. . 200 percent increase in rural internet subscribers between 2015 and 2021 Yi. In urban areas, the increase is 158 percent. Including at least 4G mobile services in all villages The rural-urban digital gap will be reduced. More Low Cost Mobile Phones with Various Features Efforts are also underway to make it stronger. By doing so, the digital wealth system will become more comprehensive.

The recently launched “Digital India Bhashini” project, voice-based accessibility Easy internet and digital services in regional languages ​​including trying to make it available to people with a natural awareness of With the goal of countermeasures in taped media. This is


Higher financial inclusion, more formalization, growth Digitalization through greater efficiency and improved opportunities Both accelerate economic growth. Aadhaar, UPI, Co-Win, DigiLocker and Diksha started this initiative. Supporting successful digital public infrastructure Some of the More than 94.5 percent of the state’s population now has Aadhaar. Not only that, more than 2.2 billion Aadhaar authentications are done every month. is doing

Similarly, with a 75-fold increase in the last 5 years, 5.5 billion U. PI based transactions are done every month. 1.1 billion co-win registrations took place. Over 140 million users with DigiLocker accounts have access to 5.6 billion digital devices. Gitel records are available at DigiLocker Shekhara.

PM-Swani of 286.5 million unorganized workers on e-shram portal 4.4 million street users in India and 12.7 million in Udyam portal. Registration of lakhs of enterprises also took place. The number of GST payers in the period from 2017 to 2022 is 7. It has increased from one lakh to 14 million. All these are indications of how things form. .

Digital innovations

Government and private companies can support innovation Ksham is leading innovations in the digital age of the state. New age technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning Lathe is the best contributor to open source artificial intelligence projects. India is a ruling country. For example, AI publications from India 18% faster than US, China, European Union and UK growing Proficiency in Built Intelligence of India’s IT Workforce in Other G20 Countries It is at a higher rate.

Testing new applications and other designs The government actively cooperates with the industry. iSPIRT and Ativega Digita for Indiastack Open Public Platforms NPCI for open digital commerce for financial transactions in Beneficiary Institutions in ONDC and UIDAI Accomodation A Public-Private Partnerships to Accelerate Digitalization These are examples.

Vendor lock-in (a customer using a product or service Easy access to another company’s similar product or service ) and use of proprietary technologies It avoids high costs associated with Govt. State-wise open source standards and technology The necessity of making maximum use of resources and resources is a necessity for India. learned This strategy is among the various countermeasures built on open tools. Lulla encourages interoperability. Also, it has the advantage of being affordable.


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