Special treat for the new tune of “Ennum Raja” musician! | Ilaiyaraja shared special music video for his fans

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Music genius

Musician Ilayaraja knows the magic that binds the mind. Love, sadness, separation, nostalgia, suffering, happiness, all the music will ring in the ear. He is an incomparable musical genius and thousands of pages have been written about his remarkable achievements in the field of music. Thousands more pages are waiting to be written.

Melody, hopping

Melody, hopping

Raja keeps himself refreshed by spending every day of his life with music. Whatever the soulful melody or hopping, they are all a great treat for Ilayaraja fans.

For the fans

For the fans

Meanwhile, Ilayaraja has posted a video of himself reading a tune on his Twitter page. He said that this tune appeared to him this morning and that he is totally dedicated to it for his fans. This video of Ilayaraja is going viral on the internet.

In Time Square

Composer Ilayaraja has contracted with a processor to broadcast his songs. He has also acted in a promotional film for this. The promotional film was screened last Friday in a tall building in Times Square and was greatly celebrated by fans.

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