Spid Inps, for professionals and companies there is the extension of the old Pin

Mandatory spid: the reasons for the postponement

From 1 October only citizens will have to have a Spid, Electronic Identity Card (Cie) and National Services Card (Cns). to access the INPS services. Professionals, on the other hand, will still be able to use the “old” alphanumeric code of the INPS (otherwise known as Pin Inps). The request for an extension formulated by the National Council of the Order of Labor Consultants is thus accepted. We are very satisfied with the acceptance of our request and the availability shown for a comparison that also allows us to resolve the technical problems highlighted by our Category; in particular, for the management of the social security drawer and other functions relating to the obligations that the Labor Consultants carry out every day for workers and companies, declares the president of the National Council of the Order, Marina Calderone. So the use of the Inps Pin will still be possible for professionals and businesses for a total of approximately three million individuals.


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