Spiderman contemporary superhero in the stories written by a Sicilian

Time.news – “From great power comes great responsibility …”. Writing Spider-Man, giving him the word in some way, is not like flying hanging from a spider’s web between one building and another in a metropolis or overcoming evil with the strength of superpowers and deep convictions, but it certainly gives a little power: that of making the imagination and crucial issues of our time ‘fly’.

This is the opinion of a Sicilian from Trapani, Marco Rizzo, journalist and writer, screenwriter of the newest episode of Spider-Man, for Marvel and Disney. He who since he was eleven has followed the deeds of the very human and very special Peter Parkermarked by restlessness, feelings of guilt, sunshine, humor and acts of disarming altruism, discovering dismay and exercising unique skills … all in all a hero very close to us, much more than other flying and cloaked ‘Lords of good’.

The first Spider-Man story signed by Rizzo, entitled “The Shadow of the Vulture”, has arrived on the shelves (British, for now), the first of a long series. “Well yes, I’m writing Spidey’s adventures! Steve Foxe and I – he explains – we ‘reinvented’ the character for comics soon to be published around the world. They are adventures for all ages where the stories, the enemies, the supporting actors have fallen into the contemporary “.

Marco Rizzo

Each story tries to tell Peter Parker and his world … which is not so different from ours. “Ecology and social networks are some of the first topics we dealt with”he adds. This new version of Spidey, by Disney / Marvel, assures, “will make happy even the old fans with lots of winks … but above all I think it keeps the spirit of our Peter”.

Her first story is co-scripted with Steve Foxe, drawn by Mario del Pennino and colored by Valentina Taddeo, with the support of “a great editorial team”. Other stories will follow, written by Marco Rizzo – author among other things, with Lelio Bonaccorso, of ‘Salvezza’ and ‘A casa nostra. Cronaca da Riace ‘, comic reportage on migrants and hospitality for FeltrinelliComics – and illustrated by other talented authors such as Claudio Sciarrone, and, the writer anticipates, there will be enemies and allies as well known as obscure.

Soon these stories will also arrive in Italy on the monthly Spider-Man Magazine published by Panini Comics. In this way he joins the very small circle of Italians who wrote Spider-Man, with Tito Faraci and Stefano Vietti: “Another thing that fills me with pride and responsibility”.

It’s not all. “Spider-Man, 60 amazing years”, a “long love letter for Spider-Man and his world written by me and Fabio Licari”, glides in all the bookstores and comics for Panini Marvel Italia. The book has also landed in France, it has already been available for a while in Great Britain and from January 2023 it will also be on sale in the USA.. And, then, the Panini stickers album dedicated to the beloved Spider-Man.

“Spidey, for me and many others, is not just a character: he has accompanied us for decades – says Marco – with his joys and sorrows, which are often ours too (at least, when they don’t involve aliens and super-criminals). Writing his stories, especially if read by the little ones, is an honor … and being able to get into Peter Parker’s head is a dream that becomes reality, as a reader rather than as a screenwriter. And it is also a huge opportunity, which gives me the ‘power’ to convey messages that I care about. And you know, with great powers … “.


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