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Those wishing to attend the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum had to wait in line for PCR testing. Regardless of the vaccination, the event participants had to be tested for coronavirus in one of the specially equipped laboratory centers. There are nine of them in Moscow, but only one within the city – in the World Trade Center (WTC). It was there that a long queue arose the day before. Who is to blame for this and were there ways to avoid delays? Understood Lilia Galyavieva.

The night before, a line of hundreds of people in business suits had formed outside the World Trade Center. There was no option to turn around and come on another day – laboratory research takes a day, so those wishing to get to the first day of the forum had to do the test before the end of Monday. And taking into account the cost of the entrance ticket to the SPIEF, which this year approached a million rubles, it was easier to stand in the wind.

Officially, testing began at 15:00, and only those who arrived among the first were able to complete the procedure in a reasonable time. Among them was the director for special projects of the Russian Media Group Elena Korovina: “When I entered, there was no queue at all, there were probably 15 of us. After 25 minutes, when I left, I saw a colossal number of people, among whom I met my acquaintances, friends, partners, colleagues. At the same time, I can say that when I went out, everything actually happened in a very friendly atmosphere. But, of course, everyone was a little, to put it mildly, under the impression that there was such a long queue. It was cold and people were warming themselves with coffee, but in general everything was very friendly, funny, everyone was taking selfies. “

Oleg Bogdanov, the economic observer for Kommersant FM, also ended up at the WTC before the start of the laboratory center’s work, but it took him an hour and a half to complete the queue and the necessary procedures. “You go into the study, where your aunt welcomes you. First, it enters your data into the computer, which naturally takes time. The last name is Bogd … In general, this is all for a long time, with one finger, you know. For 10 minutes she introduces your last name, then you come up to another aunt who reads the instructions to you, they say, you have to sit down, first there will be a swab on the nose, then you have to say the letter “a”, ”Bogdanov said.

The presenter of Kommersant FM, Ramaz Chiaureli, decided to be punctual and arrived exactly at the time he was signed up for, but was released, nevertheless, only 2.5 hours later. And this is taking into account bypassing one of the queues. Why did everyone come to the WTC, since four more testing points were opened at the capital’s airports? But because even on Monday morning this information was not available, explains Ramaz Chiaureli: “In Moscow, I saw only one point in the World Trade Center. There were also a couple of points, but they related to VIP lounges and special screening halls, that is, it is clear for which audience. One was at Sheremetyevo, the other at Vnukovo. When I came out, it turned out that several items had been added. “

But the president of the Association of Branding Companies of Russia, Oleg Beriev, decided to leave for St. Petersburg a day earlier and undergo PCR testing there. And everything turned out to be much easier and faster than expected, Mr. Beriev admits: “I had to show miracles of independence, go to the site, poke all sorts of buttons. I found the address not very far from my hotel. Came, there was no one. I spent on everything, maybe 15-20 minutes. This is a test plus a pass. “

True, not all entrepreneurs prefer to act independently. Some people habitually delegate these kinds of tasks to personal assistants. And in the case of the St. Petersburg Forum, the system suddenly failed, continues Oleg Beriev: “In a normal situation, you entrust the assistant with everything, and he brings you a pass. And now you have to go and take it yourself. It turns out that you habitually delegate some of the tasks to someone, but in this case it is better for you to go through the entire procedure yourself. I see a slight panic among my acquaintances. “

Some companies decided not to send their employees to testing centers, but to negotiate with Roscongress and invite medical specialists to their place. This, for example, has already been done at KPMG, and, according to company representatives, they were satisfied. Alfa-Bank will do the same, Oleg Sysuev, first deputy chairman of the bank’s board of directors, told Kommersant FM: “We are going, participants in this event from Alfa-Bank, to do this in our office.

We have invited a licensed laboratory that is dedicated to this. Such an option is possible, however, as usual, everything related to the forum costs money, which is indecent to call, so to speak, loudly.

But we are able to pay so as not to risk the health of the forum participants from our organization. ”

By the way, the organizers of the forum cannot be accused of being irresponsible in relation to the health of the participants. Anyone wishing to attend the plenary session at which Vladimir Putin will speak will have to be tested for COVID-19 again.

What do the forum participants expect from its entertainment part?

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