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Spiegel: Germany declares Russian diplomat suspected of espionage persona non grata

In 2021, the German authorities declared a Russian diplomat suspected of espionage persona non grata, Spiegel reports, citing sources.

According to Spiegel, we are talking about a consular officer in Munich. His expulsion is connected with the case of the scientist Ilnur N., accused of espionage (German law enforcement agencies do not give his full name). The fact that the scientist was charged, it became known the day before, January 27, from the message of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Germany. He worked as a researcher in the department of technical specialty at one of the universities in Bavaria. In 2019, according to investigators, he agreed to cooperate with the Russian intelligence service SVR.

According to Spiegel, German investigators believe that the diplomat expelled from the country was a member of Russian intelligence.

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