Spin dryers save electricity and time

MSome household appliances have gone out of fashion, but they can be useful for certain applications. So there are not many manufacturers who have spin dryers in their product range. No wonder, modern washing machines outperform each other in terms of spinning performance. Basically, the higher the speed, the drier the laundry. This saves the dryer work or reduces the time on the line, but sensitive clothing creases more.

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Tumble dryers need a lot of electricity because wherever heat is generated, the hunger for energy is particularly great. If you squeeze the last bit of water from the laundry at an even higher speed, there should be further savings potential. This is how the manufacturer Robert Thomas from Neunkirchen advertises, he has such specialists in two sizes in his program. So we tried the Centri 776 in the luxury version with stainless steel housing for around 250 euros.

The cylindrical device with a diameter of 33.5 centimeters and a height of 66 centimeters weighs only about eleven kilos. The drum is vertical, the damp clothes are stuffed into it tightly to just below the edge, so there can be no imbalance. In the larger model it holds 4.5 kilos of dry laundry, in the smaller model it is 3.5. If you fill it contrary to the instructions, it will run out of round, in extreme cases the elastically suspended drum will hit the housing, so that the operator will immediately stop voluntarily.

2800 revolutions per minute are not for delicate textiles

Starting and stopping is easy using the locking lever on the lid. If the centrifuge is filled correctly, it starts up gently and picks up speed with a subtle whirring sound until the maximum speed of 2800 rpm is reached. That is considerably more than modern washing machines can achieve, but the diameter of the drum is smaller at around 26 centimeters. For comparison: the washing machine recently purchased at home spins at up to 1600 rpm, but has an inner drum diameter of 49 centimeters for 7 kilos of laundry. For this you have to know that with double the diameter the centrifugal force doubles, but quadruples with twice the speed. Despite the enormous revolutions, the sling runs smoothly and with little vibration. According to the supplier, it is suitable for all types of laundry and did not damage anything in our tests, but we would not expose extremely delicate, expensive textiles to the high centrifugal forces.

Here it goes: Thomas Centri 776 SEK

Here it goes: Thomas Centri 776 SEK

Image: Thomas

The principle of drainage is always the same. It is pushed outwards through holes in the drum wall. The Centri has a nozzle in the lower third, from which a gush of water emerges after a few seconds. This takes half a minute to three minutes, depending on the moisture in the laundry, at the end it just drips. If there is no drain in the floor in the laundry room, a bowl must be used. However, their edge must not be higher than 18 cm.



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