Spirit of Innovation – The new record of the world’s fastest electric airplane!

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Rolls-Royce’s full-fledged electric aircraft Spirit of Innovation has set three world records as the world’s fastest electric aircraft. The Extra 330 LE aerobatic aircraft, powered by Siemens aircraft, had a top speed of 213.04 kilometers per hour at Spirit of Innovation, a record in 2017, according to Rolls-Royce.

In an attempt to break the world record, the plane flew at a maximum speed of 623 kilometers per hour. The Rolls-Royce claims that the aircraft has the most powerful Power-Dance-powered battery pack ever in space with enough power to charge 7,500 phones. It is said to have set new world records at three different distances.

The Fédération Aéronatique Internationale (FAI), the World Aviation Sports Association, which regulates and certifies world aviation and space records, has officially confirmed the flying record.

Phil O’Dell is credited with driving all these electric aircraft. Commenting on these achievements, he said, ‘This is the highlight of my career. It was an incredible feat for our entire team to fly at high speeds and achieve this feat, ”he said happily.

Accelerating the Electrification of Flight, a part of ACCEL, is co-sponsored by the Spirit of Innovation, Aerospace Technology Institute, in partnership with Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy & Innovate UK.

In addition, the aircraft flew over 15 kilometers and reached a speed of 532.1km / h (330 mph) during tests conducted at the Boscombe Down test site of the UK Ministry of Defense. Not only that, it also completed the fastest time to climb up to 3000 meters in 60 seconds, beating the finish in 202 seconds.

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Warren East, President of Rolls-Royce, said, “Our electric aircraft broke the world record for speed, the greatest achievement of ACCEL and the Rolls-Royce team. The Electroflight Company was also instrumental in making this achievement possible. Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions from all types of transportation, including land, sea and air, and to improve the services needed to provide people with the technological advancements they need. ” Said.

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